Bayes' Rule: A Tutorial Introduction to Bayesian Analysis
JV Stone

"An accessible introduction to Bayesian analysis, providing a solid foundation in this key area."
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, 2015.

"Interesting, and very easy to read, Bayes' Rule serves as an excellent primer for students and professionals ... "
Top Ten Math Books on Bayesian Analysis, July 2014.

"An excellent first step for readers with little background in the topic. "
Computing Reviews, June 2014.

"An excellent book ... highly recommended. "
CHOICE: Academic Reviews Online, February 2014.

"Bayes' Rule explains in a very easy to follow manner the basics of Bayesian analysis."
Dr Inigo Arregui, Ramon y Cajal Researcher.
Institute of Astrophysics, Spain.

"A crackingly clear tutorial for beginners. Exactly the sort of book required for those taking their first steps in Bayesian analysis."
Dr Paul A. Warren.
School of Psychological Sciences, University of Manchester.

"This book is eminently readable. It introduces the Bayesian approach to addressing statistical issues without using any advanced mathematics, which should make it accessible to students from a wide range of backgrounds, including biological and social sciences."
Dr Devinder Sivia.
Lecturer in Mathematics, St John's College, Oxford University, and author of Data Analysis: A Bayesian Tutorial.

"For those with a limited mathematical background, Stone's book provides an ideal introduction to the main concepts of Bayesian analysis. "
Dr Peter M Lee.
Department of Mathematics, University of York. Author of Bayesian Statistics: An Introduction.

"Bayesian analysis involves concepts which can be hard for the uninitiated to grasp. Stone's patient pedagogy and gentle examples convey these concepts with uncommon lucidity. "
Dr Charles Fox.
Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield.

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